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We have a vast experience in the area of I&C in its 4 main areas

Specialists in GE Speedtronic Mark IV, V, VI, TMS1000, Sentinel, Mitsubishi Netmation.

Control systems

Our company has engineers trained in designing, programming, commissioning and maintenance of a wide range of Control Systems, DCS and PLC like GE (Mark V, Mark VI, Mark IV, Mark II PACSiystem RX3i, Proficy, MicroRec, etc), Allen Bradley (PLC5, SLC500, ControlLogix, CompactLogix, PanelView, FlexIO, ControlNet, DeviceNet, EthernetIP, etc), Schneider (M340, Quantum, TSX, Magelis, etc.), Siemens (LOGO, S7, etc), Bailey 7000, Mitsubishi (Diasys, Netmation), Hitachi, OMRON.


We provide services for instrument calibration, installation, maintenance and repair. We have the appropriate instrumentation and personnel to execute calibration procedures for Pressure, Level, Temperature, Analytical, Flow, fire extinguishing systems, etc.

Our control laboratory is equipped with all the necessary software tools for the development of the PLCs and DCS described above and we have experience in programming, development and implementation of automation systems in various processes (Turbines, BOP, Water treatment plants, flour transportation, steel, etc.)


At the end of the control chain, we offer data presentation to the Operator using different SCADA platforms and operation panels such as Wonderware (InTouch, Archestra System Platfrom), Allen Bradley (PanelView, Rsview, etc.), Schneider (Magelis, etc.), GE (Cimplicity, Ifix), AVEVA.
We also offer our reports service and data presentation in WEB format of process histories and operation data.

Currently we can offer our clients the design, development, modification and implementation of the complete topology of any control system, from the measuring instrument to the presentation, on the screen or on the WEB, of the evolution of each process variable along with its control algorithm

Excitation System

General project management, design studies, systems engineering, applications, manufacturing, assembly, supervision, commissioning, startup and training. after sale and technical service.

Our partner has excitation systems operate generators from a range of a few MW up to 600 MW. Our ability is to manage projects with multidisciplinary teams trained to coordinate large contracts worldwide.


Santiago – Chile

CABA – Argentina

Austral Turbomachines – Africa 


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