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Operation and Maintenance that provides assertive & accurate reliability and availability to our customers

Andina Turbomecánica relies on its experience, and that of its teams, to offer all types of Operation and Maintenance services for power generation plants.


The reliability and availability of a Thermal Power Plant depend first on the design and quality of its assembly then on the unit(s) operation i.e. avoiding fast load rate, unnecessary sudden maneuvers or working with abnormal parameters for long periods of time, which fall under operators’ responsibility. Plant technical issues are mainly due to the way they are operated. Eventually reliability and availability depend on maintenance practices

Our Objective

Andina Turbomecánica target is to design an Operation and Maintenance plan that analyzes all possible failures in order to prevent them and deliver to our customers the highest reliability and availability of the Thermal Power Plant. Today we suffer yesterday’s mistakes, or enjoy the right guesses



Types of Services

  • Operations Management
  • On-site or remote operation of installations
  • Predictive, corrective and preventive maintenance.
  • Complete supervision of the operation and maintenance of the installation.
  • Complete operation and maintenance of the installation.

Types of Machines

  • Gas turbines
  • Boilers
  • Generating Sets
  • Engines
  • Steam turbines
  • Solar panels

Energy Sources

  • Thermosolar
  • Solar photovoltaic
  • Gas
  • Diesel
  • HFO
  • Cogeneration
  • Coal

Experience and current contracts

NOOR1 - Antananarivo - MADAGASCAR

Complete O&M of the NOOR power plant in Madagascar consisting of two Alstom FR5 TG operated with HFO. 50 MW in total.

This highly strategic installation represents an important part of the energy produced in Antananarivo.

Type of installation : High power gas turbine
Installed power: 40 MW
Type of machine: Alstom Frame5
Personnel: 45 people
Contract duration: 5 years

Public Health Institute - Santiago - CHILE

O&M of the emergency power plant for the Public Health Institute.

Type of installation: High power gas turbine
Installed power: 2 MW
Type of machine: Detroit + Cummins
Personnel: 2 persons
Contract duration : 2.5 years

Balingué power plant - Bamako - MALI

In partnership with ACEPP and EDM (owner), we have realized the Commissioning and the O&M of this power plant equipped with 4 Wärtsilä 18V38B engines of 10 MW each

Type of installation : Engines
Installed power: 40 MW
Type of machine: Wärtsilä 18V38B engines
Personnel: 30 people
Contract duration: 3 years

LMX power plant - FRANCIA

This steam power plant equipped with 2 Alstom units of 250 MW with pulverized coal boilers was located in France

Type of installation: Boiler
Installed capacity: 500 MW
Machine type : Alstom boiler
Personnel : 1 person
Contract duration : 5 years

Central eléctrica PCE - FRANCIA

This steam power plant equipped with 4 Alstom units of 600 MW with heavy fuel oil boilers was located in France

Type of installation: HFO boiler
Installed capacity: 2400 MW
Machine type: Alstom boiler
Personnel: 1 person
Contract duration: 5 years

Andina Turbomecánica is in a position to take over the O&M of any conventional technology power generation plant anywhere on the planet.

Maintenance should never be classified as OPEX but as CAPEX


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