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SCR Denox System

SCR DeNox system allows elimination of 90-98% of NOx gas emissions in the combustion process


– NOx refers to emissions of nitric oxide NO, nitric dioxide NO2 and other emissions traces, generated during the combustion of any fuel, due to high temperatures and availability of oxygen & nitrogen, both in combustion air and fuel. NOx emissions generated during combustion processes are constituted by 90 – 95% of NO and the rest by NO2.

– The SCR DeNOx system, allows to obtain a better control of the emissions compare to other types of traditional control, such as Dry Low NOx, Water or steam injection, to reach a reduction lower than 2.5 ppm of NOx against 9 ppm and 25 ppm for other alternatives. The operating costs of this system are minimal, since it only requires urea in small quantities.

– DeNOx catalysts are monolithic blocks, with a large number of parallel channels, in order to provide an important catalyst area and to guarantee at the same time a low pressure drop in the gas flow. These modules are homogeneously impregnated, with SCR-active components, based on vanadium pentoxide (V2O5) as an active compound in a titanium dioxide (TiO2) support system

The components of the SCR DeNOx system are:
– SCR catalyst modules
– External structure associated with the catalyst (contains the modules)
– Urea storage system
– Urea pumping station & metering valve
– Urea injection nozzles and mixing duct for combustion gas & urea
– PLC control unit of the complete system
– Monitoring system for temperature, gas analyzer (NOx) and other relevant variables