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Borescopic Inspection

Industrial borescopic inspection carried out by specialists with extensive experience.


Since 2011, ATM has provided the specialized service of boroscopy or industrial videoscopy.

Industrial borescope inspection is a technological application with many advantages, on the one hand, disassembly or carrying out works to access the area to be inspected is avoided, This reduces economic costs and also the impact of external agents such as dust, corrosive agents and disabling of the areas where work must be done, situation especially valued by energy producers.

The borescope is undoubtedly an essential tool for carrying out inspection work on the internal parts of certain machines without carrying out extensive disassembly. This allows a reduction in costs and time that would take the disassembly of a machine for its revision, This way, it is widely used for the observation of the internal parts of heat engines(reciprocating internal combustion engines,gas turbines and steam turbines),and to observe certain parts of boilers, heat exchanger and domes.

It is used not only in routine predictive maintenance tasks, also in technical audits, to determine the internal state of the team before a purchase operation, evaluation of a contractor company, del status of a facility to undertake an expansion or equipment renewal.